1 Great Night: 2 Incredible Causes at Cafecito!

October 2nd

7:30pm – 12:00am


185 Avenue C

New York, New York 10009


We’re excited to launch our first event of the season to start raising funds for another amazing year doing the Batey 106 project. What is doubly exciting about this year is that we’re working with a new organization. New Light India.


New Light is a NGO that works in the red light district of Kolkata,India. New Light’s mission is to promote gender equality through education and life-skill training, thereby reduce harm caused by violence and abuse to women and young children.



In December of last year we hosted a team of talented artists and individuals in conjunction with the Foundation for Art In Motion in the Dominican Republic to help change the life trajectory of Haitian Immigrants living on a sugar cane plantation. Last year we taught workshops with kids doing arts crafts, photography, filmmaking, and music. In addition to this enrichment we plan to nourish the youth during their time with us.




The people of the Batéy, most of whom earn $0.10-$0.20 a day on the plantation, need our help. They are in need of primarily food, water and electricity, but also education, support, love and attention. With this project-beyond providing knowledge, supplies and creative support-our overall mission is to give the children hope for a better future; one they currently struggle to believe in.


Where we stand in the first world, just having access to a personal computer and reading freely what we’d like in the privacy of our homes or elsewhere, we are much luckier than the aforementioned Haitian youth. For them, when a team like ours comes to their community to bring the resources we can and to show them that people care, it really has a huge effect on them that they cherish and carry into their lives forever. Lets stand together to help New Light and the people of Batey 106.


There are several ways you can help, starting with things laying around your house:


* By donating art supplies, instruments, books in Spanish or Creole, clothing or medical supplies (band-aids, vitamins, sealed medicine, etc.)

* By donating a “perk” to our IndieGogo campaign (goods or services)

* By purchasing a “perk” or providing a donation on the IndieGogo campaign


Please come out this Thursday to support our initiative in the DR and our new collaboration with New Light:

 RSVP here:

 15% of all drink sales are going to New Light Inda. Also drop us a line at

 100% of all fundraising efforts are going directly to the Batéy106 Project. Many of our volunteers are spending their own money to be a part of the project.


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