Under the Grass Roof presents: Omar Perez-Then, with art supply drive for Batey 106



Sunday October 5th

9:00 pm

1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Free admission

Bring donated art supplies for the Batey106 project!

or $5 suggested donation.


Last night was a  joyous night with friends and family. We launched our first event of the season to start raising funds for another amazing year for Batey 106 project at Cafecito. Omar Perez-Then Music soothed us with his musical soul last night  while family and friends listened  intently, bringing us together with his heartfelt songs.

What is doubly exciting is we also raise funds and awareness for another organization close to our hearts, New Light Kolkata through our Drink for Good NYC Platform.


If you didn’t make it out last night,  join us this Sunday  10/5 at Bunna Cafe. with Omar Perez-Then kicking off Bunna’s “Under the Grass Roof  Sessions.”  A Ethiopian Vegetarian Restaurant, Coffeehouse, and Music Venue.  Their “Feast For Two” was recently ranked among the top 9 vegan dishes in Brooklyn (http://gothamist.com/2014/07/24/the_best_vegan_dishes_in_nyc_2.php)

Share in our efforts to continue art workshops in the Batey 106 community, through this new series of live performances.

Sunday, October 5 @ 9:00pm

For More information visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/572139296247702/

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