5 reasons for Returning to Batey 106



1.We had such a good time in June, it is impossible to forget the experience. The lives that touched our own gave us a greater understanding of the human condition. Helping youth scratch the surface to their innermost potential was so rewarding we can’t wait to get back over there to help out some more.



2.This time we’ve got even more work planned. Our layout of workshops and aims are much higher than they were earlier in the year. Now that we know what we can accomplish, the sky’s the limit.


3.The smiles on the faces of the people of Batey 106. Some of the most charming and insightful people live in regions where the distractions of modern day don’t reach them. In that way, they hold dear the small joys in life. Rediscovering those moments is something city dwellers don’t get to do that often. Our team has a craving for doing good and this December its time to satisfy that craving.


4. Catching up with all the incredible art that we missed out on. During our time away from Batey 106, undoubtedly there are new creations awaiting us upon our return. There a surely haitian youth living in the Batey that are now keen on expressing themselves through song, painting, video, and photography. As artists they are growing. As their mentors we owe it to them to share in that beautiful growth, and coach them along the way.


5.It’s time to follow up on the nutritional program of the town and offer our help where applicable. You may have heard of the term starving artists. The occupants of the Batey’s know it all too well. The reality of malnutrition is staggering. One in 10 children dies before the age of 5. Malnourishment is serious, it accounts for developmental delay and permanent cognitive deficits. We want to give the future of Yspanola a chance.


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