Staff & Student Photography For Sale To Fund our Trip In December

Buy prints to support our trip to Batey 106. We’ve been excited for some time about heading back to Batey 106. We’re aiming to reach even more youth and young adults than we had before. The  Haitian art for sale here is to benefit the subjects in the pieces. When it comes to impacting the life of a person in circumstances they cannot control, its amazing to see how producing works of art heal. That health and vitality is then spread through the community. We don’t just do arts and crafts for kids, we provide services for all ages. Tapping into their creative treasure chest is not something that even some adults of Batey 106 have gotten to do. Priorities are focused on sustenance and housing. This crew needs art to create that channel of expression that can aleavieate the daily stresses of life in the batey.  Our community service ideas can be as simple as a few painting workshops, a few hours of drawing, making a movie or, composing photos. Our instructors and students work hard throughout our art therapy sessions, you would be supporting that artistic catharsis that is necessary for the community to build on early childhood education to fortify a hope for a better future in the batey.

Choose from our gallery of prints:

IMG_0786-1030x686 IMG_9025-1030x686 IMG_3247-1030x686




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