Instruments for Kids | Send Your Lonely Instruments Our Way



Donate some of your used instruments to charity. A portion of our programming involves teaching music classes to youth. For this we’ll need used or new instruments to carry out our classes. Some of the easiest instruments to attain are those that fit in the hand percussion category.


Here are some low cost instruments we could really use.

Musical Triangles

Musical Triangle

How excited were you when you got to play the triangle in music class as a kid? For those of you who didn’t you perhaps missed out because of the effect of budget cuts in the music and art departments of your respective cities. The education budget slashing that has ensued over numerous years that prevents youth nationally from having music and art programs secured in their schools is staggering. Now imagine that without a dependable school system in place. Truly, how do those in that community sustain creative expression?

That’s exactly the access gap were trying to stop. This little steel triangle can make a novice feel like a maestro. Triangles are easy entry into any jam session. For a modest $2.59 each you can help bring more music to the Batey.



Three coffees equal about $7. Now think about three happy students enjoying the triumphant ring of three tambourines in unison. For the price of a few cups of coffee you can purchase some tambourines





Cowbells are another musical favorite that marry simplicity with unique sound.

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7 Items to Donate to Batey 106 This Week

Donate Paint to Batey 106

Donate Paint to Batey 106

Acrylic Paint – Remember finger painting in kindergarten? Remember the joy of seeing colors transform right in front of your eyes. Thats the joy of experiencing acrylic paint for the first time. We share that with the youth in our workshops each time they come to class. Of course, quantities of paint when it comes to kids can become scarce in a few sessions. In order to keep the fun going we’re going to have lots of the stuff on hand.  We go through a lot of Red, Yellow, and blue when it comes to lessons about color theory and mixing.


Crayons, Markers, Pencils – Our youth find it easiest in the earlier workshops to express themselves with thoughtfully drawn reflections based on prompts from our instructors.


Solar Powered Lights – You may see these on lawns in the suburbs. They can be quite luminous. They  make all the difference in Haiti and the Dominican Republic where energy access has been a continual struggle. “Before the earthquake, Haiti had one of the lowest rates of electricity access in the world, with only 12.5 percent of its population of nine million connected to the grid. Those who had money relied on small diesel fuel generators for electricity. The cost of diesel spiked after the earthquake, putting that form of power generation even further out of reach for most Haitians.” (More here…)


Solar Powered Stoves – With little access to power and energy grids, the people of the Batey struggle with some of the simplest things we take for granted. Our goal is to have a few stations for preparing meals on functional fuel-free solar powered stoves.


Mosquito Nets – Rain water and pools of stagnant water with improper sanitation is a dream come true for mosquito populations. Help us to curb the risk of mosquito borne disease in the Caribbean. Inhabitants are susceptible to Chikungunya which has claimed some 306,837 cases  documented in  early July  of this year. Thats a spike in the cases documented just a week before 42,393 according to a Jul 3 update from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). (Read More about Chikungunya in the Dominican Republic)


Contact us with any information about donations. Also, please visit our Pubslush campaign to raise capital to fund our trip to Batey 106